ZAVOS JUNCKER LAW GROUP, PLLC is a client-centered law firm with over 50 years of combined legal experience. We provide comprehensive representation for all kinds of families and individuals, from the birth or adoption of children and family formation, through the change of the structure of a family because of divorce or dissolution of adult relationships, and to end of life issues and the probate of an estate.

Our Firm is known for our creativity in developing solutions for our clients – helping change the law, going to court, or thinking outside the box to settle a case. 

We work with our clients in a holistic way to help them solve their legal problems. We educate them on their legal options, and draw on our legal expertise and life experience to assist them.  We use whatever legal tools we can, including advice, negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, and finally, litigation. The ZAVOS JUNCKER LAW GROUP, PLLC represents clients in adoption, assisted reproductive technology, custody and visitation, divorce and dissolution, estate planning, family formation, LGBT issues, parentage, probate, surrogacy, and transgender issues. We also understand that there are many kinds of families and that the structure of a family may change over time. We are experienced in addressing all legal issues arising out of family relationships.


Top row: Michael McHugh, Jill Seiferth, Emily Neuhausen, Camellia Jacobs, Kate Ference, Kelli Meredith. Bottom row: Timothy Compton, Michele Zavos, Eva N. Juncker, Luis Sosa. Not pictured: Cody Perkins, William Sokolove.